Common Types of Medical Malpractice Occurrences

Even in the most caring medical settings, mistakes can happen. If a medical provider fails to provide the right level of care—in diagnosis or treatment—that mistake may cause harm to a patient. Medical malpractice claims are made in the event of deadly or life-altering mistakes made by a doctor, hospital staff, or another health-care professional. The most common reasons patients or their families file for medical malpractice include all of the following:

  • Failure to Diagnose Correctly
  • Childbirth Injuries
  • Anesthesia Mistakes
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Delayed Diagnosis
  • Improper Treatment
  • Surgical or Medication Errors
  • Failure to Warn Patients of Known Risks

Among the most common in the list above are surgical errors, which can cause nerve, tissue, or organ damage. Some surgeons have even been known to operate on the wrong side of the patient and have amputated the wrong limb. The most common causes of medical malpractice claims for outpatients are misdiagnoses or failure to diagnose. For example, for adult outpatients, the most common misdiagnosis errors are related to cancer and heart attacks.

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