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When an accident or other situation has affected you or your family, where can you turn for help? At The Law Offices of James G. Souza III, our personal injury attorney in Tampa, FL, is here to fight for you. Our goal is to treat you with compassion and respect you need and deserve throughout every phase of your insurance claim or auto accident lawsuit. Receive the top support by scheduling a consultation with us today.

Enduring an Auto Accident Death Case

We cannot begin to tell you how sad and sorry we are for you and your family. Pain and heartache have replaced loving memories and happy times. It’s unfortunate that the world around you hasn’t stopped bearing down on you while you try to cope with your grief.

Unfortunately, during your difficult time, bills still have to be paid, children still have to be attended to and cared for, and no one seems to understand or even care that you are enduring life’s greatest loss.

If you have suffered the loss of a family member to an auto accident death or some other terrible misfortune, you need to know where you stand financially and personally so that your loved one’s death isn’t forgotten or minimized. Our personal injury attorney will give you the help that your family so desperately needs.

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Welcome to The Law Offices of James G Souza III PA

More than 20 years ago, I opened The Law Offices of James G. Souza III, P.A., as a personal injury law firm in Tampa, FL, to help injured people and their families get fair and just compensation. Too many injured people don’t know what to do or whom to trust after an accident.

Insurance companies rarely treat injured people fairly. And very few people know how to effectively manage a personal injury case against a powerful insurance company. I consider that my professional duty as your personal injury attorney in Tampa, FL.

Most of our clients are referred from other lawyers and former clients. They come by the office or make the call because someone told them that we work hard for injured people and for families suffering the loss of a loved one.

I encourage you to take a look at some of our cases—many of which I settled as an auto accident attorney in Tampa, FL—and also check out what some of our former clients think about our work.

I also invite you to call and tell us what happened to you and your family. We will be respectful and understanding because I want to help you and your family just like I did to the very first clients that hired me back in 1995.


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